Sunday, March 2, 2014

cupcake. grapefruit


cashew cupcake recipe

 Photography-  Seth Hanson 

Monday, February 24, 2014

soup and spice

buttermilk sweet potato soup 

Inspired by kadhi- an Indian comfort soup with lots of spice and buttermilk. Version at left is made with fried okra pieces and topped with a tarka, or seasoning, or tempering- spices added to hot ghee or oil and drizzled with sizzle over dish.

I'm always excited to find a store that sells the small 1/2 pints of buttermilk, rarely can they be found smaller than the quart size. I needed a few tablespoons to make homemade crème fraîche (which is delicious and everyone should make it... here) and had a whole quart (minus 3 tablespoons) left because this was not one of those occasions.

I was thinking panna cotta because I could use up the quart, but I wanted something savory not sweet- maybe next time, and another use for the crème fraîche

Traditionally- ha! well, like any recipe there are as many versions as cooks in the kitchen, but 'traditionally' vegetables are left in chunks or not added to the soup at all. And the soup can be made with curd (yogurt) and water.

It's common to find a kadhi in a thali plate- is that like saying "Chai Tea" (since thali means plate?)

Click here to see pics from my cooking school in India!  

Soup recipe